Symposium Commun Microscopies 3D multi-échelles

04 Juil 2017
16:00 - 17:30

Symposium Commun Microscopies 3D multi-échelles

Modérateurs : Martiane CABIÉ (Marseille) / Bruno KLAHOLZ (Strasbourg)

Mots clés : microtomographie, nanotomographie, sonde atomique, FIB-SEM, tomographie de rayons X

Résumé Anglais

Multi-resolution and multi-scale integration increasingly benefits from the combination of visualisation and image processing techniques. Electron microscopy offers multiple approaches to 3D structural characterization at the nanometer scale. The session will be dedicated to TEM and FIB/SEM tomography highlighting their recent developments in data acquisition, image reconstruction, segmentation methods, image processing, with interest in physics and biology. Also alternatives to electron tomography techniques (atom probe tomography, X-ray tomography…) will be part of the session.

Programme Détaillé

16h00-17h30 Session commune Microscopies 3D muti-échelles

Modérateurs: Bruno KLAHOLZ ( Strasbourg), Martiane CABIE (Marseille)

16h00-16h25    Caroline Kizilyaprak, Electron Microscopy Facility Lausanne (invite) FIB-SEM Tomography of Biological Samples: Explore the Life in 3D

16h25-16h50    Ovidiu Ersen, IPCMS Strasbourg (invite) Imagerie 3D par tomographie électronique : développements instrumentaux et méthodologiques

16h50-17h00   Marlene Rasschaert, Guerbet group (talk oral) Gd-based MRI contrast agents localization in Rat Deep Cerebellar Nuclei by EELS/TEM, XRF and MRI multimodal and multiscale imaging

17h00-17h10    Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, Université de Nantes (talk oral) Correlating 3D multi scale and multi resolution images: a new software tool

17h10-17h20    Philippe Boullay, CRISMAT Caen (talk oral) Localisation des atomes d’hydrogène par précession des électrons en mode tomographie (PEDT)

17h20-17h30   Alexandre Mussi, UMET Lille (talk oral) La tomographie électronique des dislocations

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